“Healthy Foods” that won’t help you lose weight.

These foods boast their health benefits, but look closer and you’ll find they also boast calories, added sugar, are high in carbohydrates and fat.

Metabolic Recipes - GranolaSure, granola sounds healthy. But the best tasting granola is often high in fat and sugar.

Metabolic weight loss ProgramsEnergy bars boast protein and fiber but are loaded with empty calories. Compare some energy bars to candy bars and there’s not much difference.

Metabolic Recipes - Mango SmoothieSmoothies may seem like a tasty way to help get your daily recommended fruit servings but, loaded with empty calorie and added sugar, it’s like drinking pie filling. A 16 ounce Orange Dream from Jamba Juice has 340 calories and 69g of sugar.

Metabolic Weight LossStay away from using nuts as a snack. Just 1/2 cup has as much as 450 calories. That’s 450 more calories you’ll have to burn off later.

Metabolic RecipesPopcorn will not help you lose weight. It is a carbohydrate and will turn to sugar in the body.

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Metabolic Recipes for Weight Loss

2 thoughts on ““Healthy Foods” that won’t help you lose weight.

    • If you want to lose weight it is not irresponsible. Fruits and nuts are high in sugars and the nuts are high in fat. Just because they have vitamins and are healthy does not make them good for weight loss. After a person loses weight, we bring those back into their diet for proper nutrition. Most people lose their motivation because they can’t stay with a program long enough to get to a healthy weight. We have helped thousands of people lose weight; and have found this way to work best.

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