Simple Metabolic Substitutions

Metabolic Simple Substitutions

Recipe calls for:                Substitute with:

bacon                                  turkey bacon
sausage                              turkey/chicken sausage
pasta                                   spaghetti squash/zucchini ribbons
mashed potatoes                 mashed cauliflower
sugar                                    Splenda
cracker                                 cucumber slice
hamburger buns                   portabella mushroom cap
maple syrup                          sugar-free maple syrup
ground beef                          ground turkey
butter                                    Smart Balance
cream                                   fat-free half and half
iceburg lettuce (salads)         fresh spinach
salad dressing                      fat-free / reduced fat
yogurt                                   non-fat plain greek yogurt
mayonnaise                          fat free/reduced fat mayo OR non-fat plain greek yogurt
non-stick cooking spray       oil (use half for what the recipe calls for)
preserves, jam, jelly              sugar-free preserves, jam, jelly
breadcrumbs                       ground pork skins
broths/stock                        low-sodium broths and stocks
soy sauce                           low-sodium soy sodium

Remember, There are a lot of recipes where you can substitute healthier ingredients and still have great taste. It just takes some experimenting.

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