11 Tips for a Sensational Salad

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  1. Include in your salad: leafy tops (celery, radish, carrot), hearty bottoms (broccoli and cauliflower stems), and fresh herbs.
  2. Add the dressing last. The oil makes it soggy. Plant cells allow water from the vegetables to pass through into the oil of the dressing, making the salad wilt.         (oil & water don’t mix)
  3. Reuse empty spice jars to take your healthy dressings with you wherever you go.
  4.  Soak greens in cold water and gently agitate the water until the dirt and grit settles on the bottom.
  5. Dry greens completely using a salad spinner or laying them flat on paper towels. Dressing does not stick to wet greens.
  6. Tear lettuce leaves instead of chopping with a knife. The metal from the knife can cause bruising on tender leaves.
  7. Use baby spinach, kale, and mustard greens instead of lettuce to boost nutrients in your salad.
  8. Immerse your vegetables in an ice water bath to crisp them for an irresistible crunch.
  9. Add an egg to your salad for a quick protein kick.
  10. Toss the dressing in the salad in a separate bowl before serving to allow for an even coat.
  11. Add leftover cooked veggies from the previous night, hot or cold to your salad.

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