Green Smoothie

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You’ve asked for it, so here you go, introducing Metabolic’s Green Smoothie!

A great way to get 2 Cups of power packed Kale in your shake. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to get  better nutrition. Count these 2 Cups into your daily vegetable allowance.

Metabolic Recipes

Serves 1 Cook Time 0

1 package of Profast Pineapple-Orange Smoothie
2 Cups chopped Kale (about 1/2 inch pieces)
1 Tbsp flaxseed
1/2 Cup cold water
8-12 ice cubes


  1. Place the chopped kale, flaxseed, water and ice into your blender and set it to “smoothie” setting or blend on ice crush for at least 1 minute.
  2. Add shake powder and blend again on “purify” for 2 minutes.

Recommended for patients on the Profast, Modified Profast (Fast and Flexible) Program,  Nutriplus (Balance Your Pyramid) Program or Maintenance Program.

Metabolic Medical Center RecipesMetabolic Medical Center 
Metabolic Recipes

Profast Shake Recipe – Coffe Shake

Metabolic Medical Center Profast Shake Recipes1 package Vanilla Profast Shake
1/2 package of Profast Amaretto Hot Chocolate
1 shot of Sugar-Free Caramel syrup (recommend DaVinci)
8 oz cold coffee
Ice to fill

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Profast Shake Recipes | Chocolate Shake Recipes

Profast Shake Recipes from Metabolic Medical Center

“Very Chocolate” profast shake recipes
1pkg profast chocolate shake mix
8oz. cold water
ice cubes
1 tsp. chocolate extract
Blend Until Smooth

“Chocolate Nut Fudge”
1pkg profast chocolate shake mix
8oz. cold water
ice cubes
1 tsp. walnut extract
Blend Until Smooth

“Dr. Pepper Delight”
1pkg profast chocolate shake mix
8oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
ice cubes
2-3 drops vanilla extract
Stir Gently Until Smooth (Do not use a blender with carbonated drinks)

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